L2_490 Tall Prairie_1602-(ZF-0206-08582-1-021)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1607-(ZF-0206-08582-1-024)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1632-(ZF-0206-08582-1-005)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1609-(ZF-0206-08582-1-004)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1615-(ZF-0206-08582-1-011)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1614-(ZF-0206-08582-1-002)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1610-(ZF-0206-08582-1-008)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1612-(ZF-0206-08582-1-009)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1616-(ZF-0206-08582-1-010)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1613-(ZF-0206-08582-1-003)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1630-(ZF-0206-08582-1-020)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1629-(ZF-0206-08582-1-019)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1628-(ZF-0206-08582-1-018)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1619-(ZF-0206-08582-1-013)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1618-(ZF-0206-08582-1-012)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1617-(ZF-0206-08582-1-007)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1625-(ZF-0206-08582-1-016)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1624-(ZF-0206-08582-1-015)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1626-(ZF-0206-08582-1-017)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1622-(ZF-0206-08582-1-014)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1608-(ZF-0206-08582-1-006)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1605-(ZF-0206-08582-1-025)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1603-(ZF-0206-08582-1-022)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1604-(ZF-0206-08582-1-023)
L2_490 Tall Prairie_1601-(ZF-0206-08582-1-001)

The Ridgeline | Starting at $536,900

The Ridgeline, by L2 Construction. Our premium two-story floor plan with over 2500 sqft on the main level with a 35' RV garage. Upstairs you will find a 4th bedroom, full bathroom, and bonus room. Large and open floor plan with high ceilings and natural light. This home was designed for entertaining, but keeps the functionality and luxury living in all L2 homes. Premium custom cabinets, double ovens, a built-in 36" gas cooktop, and large kitchen island. 


SQ. FT: 3,178

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3.5

Garage: 3